Eastern Air Lines Shuttle Flight 1320

Eastern Air Lines Shuttle Flight 1320 - a shuttle flight between Newark International Airport and Boston-Logan International Airport - was hijacked around 7:30PM local time on 17 March 1970 by John J Divivo, who was armed with a .38 caliber revolver.


Divivo eventually shot both members of the flight crew - Captain Robert Wilbur Jr (35) and First Officer James Hartley (30).

Despite the injuries, the captain descended the aircraft quickly and contacted air traffic control about the incident.

Hartley, who was fatally wounded - managed to take the gun from Divivo and shoot the hijacker thrice before eventually dying.

Divivo then attempted to crash the Douglas DC9 by pushing the control column forward. Captain Wilbur responded by hitting Divivo on the head with the gun. The plane landed safely at Boston-Logan International Airport.

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