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Niklaus Schmid "Swiss001" (born: June 2, 2004 [age 17][1]) is a Swiss-German YouTuber whose videos are about aviation and flight simulations. His first video on YouTube, posted in September of 2017, was called "Flying at 50+ knots wind in Florida Hurricane | Infinite Flight live." His first video to surpass 1 million views was "Autopilot VS Humans" which is currently his most viewed video. His family is from Switzerland, but he was born in Frankfurt, Germany, he usually starts his videos with "In today's video we are gonna..."


Swiss001 regularly uploads clean aviation videos. His upload schedule is one video per day, mostly centering around testing of various aircraft in X-Plane 11, trying out new flight simulators, and mocking various airline safety cards or advertisements. His most viewed video is currently "Funniest Plane Photoshops"

Worst flight simulators

Swiss001 started posting Worst Flight Simulators roughly 2 years ago, normally 3 in one video. he posted up to 100+ worst flight simulators, after reviewing about 100+ of these flight simulators he posted a video titled "TOP 102 Worst Flight Simulators (MEGAMIX)". After that he kept posting worst flight simulators until presumably running out, however after about 3 months of not posting anymore worst flight simulators he returned with another 3 very bad flight simulators

Swiss001 judges the flight simulators on physics, controls, main menu, plane models, graphics, airports, cockpits and plane names.

Fly Wings 2016 is probably the worst flight simulator he has reviewed as not only did he have to pay for the flight simulator, but it also has very bad graphics, plane names and physics.

Aviation memes

Swiss001 also made memes. Though by his own admission, they weren't as good at Bellcc, however many fans liked the series, and he uploaded regularly. He produced 21 videos of the series.

Airport reviews

Swiss001 has posted videos on why airports had to be closed and how dangerous they are etc. he has posted roughly 16 of these airport review related videos, which has gained him over 1M views.